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Most Shocking & Heart Touching Photographs of Soldiers

Sgt. Eric Hille sits at the grave of his friend Sgt. Eric Holke who was killed by an IED while they were on a mission in Iraq in 2007. Hille honored his fallen friend by walking 13 miles to Riverside National Cemetery in full military gear.

A lineage of sacrifice has formed the Freedom and Sovereignty we know today. Freedom ranks among the greatest of gifts known to man, but like anything of value, it has its price. We should always revere the ones who left home, but did not return. The astounding sacrifice made by soldiers cannot be encapsulated in words we ask them to endure: enormous costs to personal safety, family, and to their own lives. Even while we salute those soldiers who sacrificed their lives to rescue their brothers locked in combat, we should also be asking why we require them to do so. Evidence of courage, sacrifice, and heroism is all around us, but easy to overlook or forget about – risking life in warzone is not only the sacrifice they make for us, there is much more they do to keep us safe in cities. Although it seems like so little when compared to those who sacrificed their all, here are 8 powerful Military photos that might bring a tear to your eye.

All gave some, Some gave all

Memorial Day: Most Shocking & Heart Touching Photographs of Soldiers , Photos that shook the world
Two soldiers comfort each other during the Korean War in the early 1950’s.

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