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Unleash the Powers of Positive Thinking and Attitude in You

Everybody needs a pep talk once in a while, so listen to your gut feelings and inner instincts which will lift you towards positivism and energize you to move towards the right path. So better go for the expert advice; sitting inside you.

How many times you feel dejected when everything and everyone seems to be conspiring against you will? How many times you feel abandoned by your loved ones? How do you feel when they take you for granted and they appear out of the blue when they need your favors? Do you feel lonely more often than usual? How many times you cry to yourself after getting hurt? With every time you feel dejected, unattended, alone, hurt and broken, you lose your self-worth which further leads to negative thinking and loss of self-confidence. I have seen many motivational speakers on YouTube and yes, in real life too, who brag about how they achieved success eliminating negative thoughts from their lives. But doesn’t it all sounds like a rhetoric when it comes to cherishing positive attitude and thinking in you? It happens because there is no one who can help you with your personal problems, only you can help yourself. The powers of positive thinking and attitude cannot eliminate problems from your life, but they help you to cope with your inner you that puts you down.

Positive Thinking and Attitude – Focus on Progress, Not Perfection

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Since childhood you have been wanting to be praised and noticed by your teachers, to be in limelight and you crave to get attention from parents and friends. Most of the motivational speakers advise you to not to be self-interrogative as it makes you ask yourself what have you done, and what have you achieved so far in your life. But in reality, running away from your own frailty helps in nothing, rather it makes you more vulnerable to the pitfalls in your life. The desire to be appreciated from others gradually harm you and seeking validations from others often leads to a lifelong struggle as you always tend to be recognized by others and not by your inner self.

The feeling what others will think about you will ruin you and negativity will surround you for sure. Running away from yourself is not a solution that can help, but if you focus on self-interrogation and self-realization, it can certainly help you find the zones where you are fragile and you need to overcome. The dilemma with positive attestations is that they operate at the exterior level of conscious thinking and do nothing to battle with the subconscious mind where limiting beliefs really live. The truth is that it’s natural and healthy to experience a range of feelings, including less pleasant ones like disappointment, sadness or guilt. While there’s no question that living in negative emotions can turn toxic, but whitewashing your insecurities with “what others praise about you” is merely a temporary fix. Here we have some tips based on “Facts not Rhetoric” that can help you asses your fragile zones without sinking you in the layers of negativity. If you’re prone to self-talk that leads to negativity and are sick of positive affirmations that don’t work, try one of these re-framing techniques.

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  • Meditate with Pranayama: The best success mantra is “meditation”, those who have adopted and practiced it, know its worth. Meditation with Pranayama is the most precious gift for you. It increases the oxygen levels in the brain just as exercise makes the body stronger, it works for the brain. Meditation enhances the power of thinking and enables you to look things with a broad spectrum. It reduces stress, which improves your ability to see things in a balanced view and relaxes your mind.
  • Surround you with people who have positive thinking and attitude: You might have noticed the effect of other people on you, as it is likely to adapt what you see in others. Surround yourself with positive people who are always ready to work with full zeal and have an optimistic attitude towards life. Always listen to the positive things instead of getting indulged in negative conversations, because negative people and conversations will make you negative and will let you away from your goals. You might have noticed that you spend a lot of time talking about others rather than focusing on your own tasks. Wake up and be with the people who tend to improve their own lives rather than gossiping about others’ failure.
  • Laughter is the best medicine: Life is like a roller coaster ride where a lot of ups and downs are encountered. Laughter is the best stress buster to deal with the negativity and looking at the funny side can put problems into perspective and enables you to move on. A hearty laugh relieves tension and diffuses anger and forges your life towards a better living.
  • Watch and Read Motivational Stuff but don’t compare it with your own life: Sometimes you need a booster to elevate yourself to the heights of motivation, and you head to motivational videos on YouTube that provide you inspirational stuff on the other times you move to inspirational books, autobiographies, and novels to boost you up. Reading and watching are good, it broadens your perspective but always remember they are just examples that can inspire you but can never be implemented in your life. The inspirational stuff on the internet can help you to lift your inner instincts because filling minds with positive information will keep you motivated but only if you read them as an example and don’t end up cursing yourself that you are nothing as compared to those heroes.
  • Sometimes you need a break and an Expert’s advice: Give yourself some short and long breaks in between your work and pursue your favorite hobbies or activities at that time, which will uplift your soul and recharge your batteries to perform your tasks with fun and enthusiasm. Everybody needs a pep talk once in a while, so listen to your gut feelings and inner instincts which will lift you towards positivism and energize you to move towards the right path. So better go for the expert advice; sitting inside you. Who else would be knowing you more than you! Wink 😉

Always know your capabilities and strengths, if your family, friends, in-laws or boss is not happy with you, don’t worry and be what you are actually and keep on giving your best. Don’t compare yourself with others and never ever allow yourself to feel down and remorse. The best in you is just in your thoughts and attitude that helps you lift towards happiness and success.

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