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Monday Motivation: What You Think is What You Get

We mistakenly assume that each choice we make, and each individual action we make, is only affecting that particular moment, or circumstance. But it isn’t. The workout we skip. The project we procrastinate on. The meeting we cancel. They’re all marginal losses. They compound, and while they’re imperceptible and inconsequential to us today, one day, we’ll have no choice but to take notice.

Monday Motivation: What You Think is What You Get

Ever noticed, that when you are sad, angry, disappointed, unsatisfied, depressed, worried, afraid of, raging or jealous; you’ll never be able to feel good about what you are doing. You cannot study attentively, if you are depressed of your low scores of last test. You cannot focus on your business if you are jealous of cash in your neighbor’s cash-box. Anything done without heartily effort, without confidence or without passion will lead to nothing but bad results and experiences. The difference between success and failure is only the way of reacting to bad times and your respective point of views.

Do What Is Right, not what is Easy

Monday Motivation Disappointment QuoteThe disappointment: Like your loved one ignores you, doesn’t help you. You feel disappointed and helpless. Soon you feel like nothing to talk. So you sound even less interesting. So ignorance and disappointment continues. Same kind of scenario can be experienced through mentality after getting poor results after a good input in exams. What would I do? I would do anything which would give me relief. But the range of your choice which you think which makes you happy shortens when you are disappointing. So don’t look for anything which will get you on seventh sky at once.

Monday Motivation Fear QuotesFear: This one is more vast and most dangerous. Four months had passed and I hadn’t asked any doubt in class because of fear. But what kind of fear it was, I don’t know. It has been just lack of confidence. Most of the things you are afraid of doing the things which you are going to do for the first time. Once you do it and it goes well, the next time you’ll not be feeling ‘bad’. Even if it doesn’t go well, the chances of not feeling good are lesser.

Monday Motivation confidence QuotesConfidence: I used think that confidence came from the appearance. Like, having a pimpled face and walking around the street. No one says a word, but still your heart you “Yes, they are whispering about you.”
I thought it was the cause. But I had seen beautiful people too, who were on an even lower level of confidence than me. Then I thought it was some kind of knowledge which made people confident. That’s simple logic. If you know about something, you’ll be good at telling it. But nopes. If that had been the reason, why would student tremble on stage, even when he has written speech in his hand? Why there are numerous people who cannot solve questions in exams, but find it easy at home. May be confidence comes from emotions as emotions create feelings. If you are feeling good about you or your target, then you are confident but if you are feeling bad about something, you are not.

Identify your Why: But it isn’t as simple as deciding the type of person you want to become, is it? That’s why you must identify your Why. Why do you want to lose 14 pounds? Run a half marathon? Start a business? You want to do it because of how it will make you feel. Know your why and the how will follow. Don’t do the easy thing; do the right thing.

(Guest Post by Chand Sethi, Coordinator, DePP, BITS Goa)

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