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HoaxSlayer – Modi’s Speech Isn’t Preloaded on Rs 2000 Note

Remember the rumor that claimed government has put a GPS tracker on Rs 2000 note to snoop over you? This was another, someone played a prank like a boss!

Amid all the debates on demonetization and common man’s troubles being exaggerated by national media; Twitter goes gaga, and the rumor rounds on Facebook, WhatsApp and what not – about PM Modi’s speech inscribed in digital format on Rs 2000 Note chip. From funny memes on ditched Rs 500 currency to Sonam Gupta’s Internationally ‘Applauded’ Bewafai to funny yet innovative ideas for turning black money into white, in the times of trouble, upbeat Indians have found many good reasons to smile and laugh, I guess. While brands like paytm and Tata Tea were sailing on Modi’s demonetization wave, and ‘lucky’ guys were selling Rs 2000 notes with 786 number on them, a Bangalore-based app development startup Barra Skull Studios cashed the moment to play a prank and fooled the entire nation. Modi’s Speech Rs 2000 Note, modi keynote ,  2000 ke note pe modi ka bhashan, 2000 note digital chip features.

Calm Down AAPtards, Modi’s Speech Isn’t Preloaded on Rs 2000 Note

As the Barra Skull Studios unrolled the app Modi Keynote on Google Play Store, rumors began to round on social media that selfie-obsessed PM Modi has inscribed his photo parallel to Mahatma Gandhi’s photo and the new Rs 2000 note has a digital chip loaded with PM’s speech on his ‘daring’ act to curb the peril of black money. Barra Skull Studios played a Withing minutes, more than 30000 android users downloaded the app from Play Store and this gave another chance to motormouth Twitterati and they started criticizing PM for his anticipated ‘populist’ move without making a reality-check. Actually, Barra Skull Studios played a little trick while making the app Modi Keynote. The app will play Modi’s speech on black money, as long as you are scanning the Rs 2000 note, once you move the note away, the video will stop. This trick by the app developer throws an impression on the users that app has something to do with the digital chip on the currency and PM’s speech is preloaded on the chip and not in the app. Calm down guys, this was yet another rumor about the digital chip on currency note. Remember the rumor that claimed government has put a GPS tracker on Rs 2000 note to snoop over you? This was another, congrats, you have been fooled. Boom!

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