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Irony of Happy Muharram – A Light Hearted Narrative Of Serious Issues


Someone said, “Anything can happen over a cup of coffee”. I would like to add one more line in this. Alternatively, you can say that I want to modify this with some twist, “Anything can happen over a cup of coffee especially in India”.

People are so much addicted to talking that they are ready to talk about anything and evening tea is a fantastic option for talking about things. People are an expert in giving views and what is better than discussing lives of Indian Muslims with family over an evening cup of tea, which in any way does not claim to be authoritative and specialized, yet it is the funniest discussion one can have.

Indian Muslims have always been in headlines. However, there is no logical reason for this. Yet, for many weird and funny reasons. Mr. Sayed Amjad Ali since living in India for years discovered that he is not allowed to vote of his name has been changed to “Shaheer Amar Ali” automatically. This is not the case only with Sayed Amjad Ali where he has faced this thing.

Many Indian Muslims have faced this thing in past or are facing it currently. Maybe, because Z is much easier than S and hence, many Muslims have been a victim of this name change. However, it is easy to say that this is just normal govt apathy, these mistakes are not limited to Muslims and you are right but they are more common among Muslims because after so many years we are still considered an unknown entity.  

People are always like this way. They talk about things, make fun of things, name, people and their cultures irrespective of thinking that it might hurt them. However, what is more, depressing is their behavior towards Indian Muslims. They have always been seen with a different eye. This book is merely an attempt to show what an average Indian Muslim’s life is like; the good the bad and the ugly.

The book is based on rambling discussions over endless cups of tea and does not in any way claim to be an authoritative or specialized work. It merely aims to give a peep into the life and times of an average Indian Muslim who, based on my personal experiences, is an enigma for most people.

The book “Irony of Happy Muharram” authored by Syed Amjad Ali is filled with such experiences. Some of them will make you laugh, some of them will make you sad but in the end, everything will leave you with a question that whether this differential behavior is good for society or not. After all, humanity is all that we need irrespective of caste, religion and other things that make us do these things.

The irony of Happy Muharram – The Blurb

Happy muharram irony, author syed amzad ali, muharram wallpaper

What does it mean to be an Indian Muslim in today’s day and age? If you have ever wondered about the answer to this question then this is the book for you. Find the answer to all those questions you have always wanted to ask about Muslim marriages, divorce and many other issues; but be prepared for the fact that the average Indian muslim is just like everyone else.

The main attempt of the book is to highlight, with the help of humour, that India is a huge country with many different communities and just as each community has its own customs and rituals so do Muslims but this does not in any way lessen any aspect of their Indian identity. 

A light hearted look at serious issues

If we see the world from a different perspective, you will come to know that the world is a beautiful place and is filled with people from every religion, community and they celebrate different festivals. Have you ever noticed that during festivals, how the markets, malls, shopping centers’ are decorated beautifully decorated and everyone unites to celebrate those festivals irrespective of religion? If festivals are celebrated with so much of equality, enthusiasm, love, and respect then why can’t we be the same in normal days?

Additionally, the political system in India is also a factor that contributes to this indifference. Political leaders and political parties for the sake of their personal interest to win seats in parliament do this vote bank politics. Caste-based politics is also one main factor.

No matter how many schools are opening every year in cities, kids are getting the high-class education and getting jobs in MNC. But the sad part is despite getting so much education and working for good companies, their thinking is also the same.

People want to live a lifestyle that meets their every expectation. They will replace a broken vase but are not ready to change their broken mentality about Indian Muslims. How will the country work? In which direction are we all heading?

Nevertheless, as they say, a ray of hope is sufficient to provide sunlight to a completely dark room.

In a similar manner, let us get hopeful as the current generation by the grace of God is above all and are not of feud mentality and neither they favor all this differential behavior towards Indian Muslims and other community. They believe in equality in every field and this may be taken as a positive step towards a different India, Powerful India.  

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