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Be Real You – Time To Discover A New YOU

Wake up, it's time to discover a new You!

With the arrival of New Year, as holiday whirlwind passes and many new year resolutions, fitness goals, entrepreneurship ideas and academic plans starts rolling in everybody’s mind. A few focus celebrating this spirit and ditching previous year’s blues, and some tend to repeat the last year’s mistakes again – making resolutions and breaking them.

Any quit-this resolution needs big efforts as old habits die hard, but this could be easier if planned from a different perspective – quitting bad habits can be tough but developing rich habits is relatively easier. Here we bring some brutally honest facts, that you have realized at many points in your life but the inner you refuses to accept that you need a change. Guys wake up, it’s time to discover a new You.
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9 ways to discover a new YOU in 2018

  • Mornings are beautiful: Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise and all that blah blah blah; might be one of the oldest quotes you are listening since you were a school-going kid. But wait, doesn’t your inner you has been slamming this saying giving a weird reason – I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am wise so why do I need early to rise? Well, you must be thankful to the God above for giving you such a beautiful life, but you have been missing something more beautiful throughout your life.
    discover a new YOU in 2017 , Hot Girl with camera, Sunrise photographyMornings are beautiful, get up early in the morning, talk to blossoming flowers and humming birds and while you do all this, do not forget to bring a camera with you. This year, unleash the photographer in you and realize rising early in the morning actually boosts you and gives you extra productive hours to complete your daily chores without messing up with distractions and interruptions.
  • Explore beyond you see: Before I start this point, I would love to recite a quote from popular TV series Game Of Thrones – “A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge.” Anything can go in vain but not the reading. Doesn’t matter what big-genius you are, there is always something that you need to know. Reading quality information will enhance your knowledge broadening your logical window about your life, business or career and will make you more worthy to colleagues, customers or clients.
    Hot asian girl with book , white girl reading book, girl listening musicReading 30 minutes a day is something that can make you a hero in your milieu without a cape. Reading something new makes you learn something new, and learning something new makes you more pertinent when it comes to hitting new opportunities. Remember, when you stop being better you stop being good, if you think you need not to learn anything wake up bro, this is time to explore beyond that you can see.
  • The World is beautiful beyond your screen too: It’s the time to leave the habit of staring at the screen surfing the internet for hours. Remember the last how-to or DIY video you watched on YouTube? Now it’s time to get up off the couch and to make your own DIY video. Shower your wisdom, and enlighten some minds.
    Make your Summer Vacations fruitful, summer camp activities, summer vacation courses, summer camp ideas, Kids enjoy , fun on beachUtilize your free time engaged in personal development, networking, volunteering, working side jobs or pursuing some goal that will lead to your progress, don’t forget the internet is just a mean to make your life easy, it is not the life. While you volunteer something for society, learn something new or earn some good bucks from that side job, the internet will always be there to boast your success stories on Instagram.
  • Master your senses: It’s a psychological fact to wait at least for 24 hours before reacting to a situation. When you say whatever is on your mind, you left hurting others and yourself too. Wait to say what is there on your mind unless and until you are calm and have had time to look at the situation objectively.
    Why Night Owls Are Better Than Early Birds , night owls movie trailer , night owl app camera radio, hot girl in office with boss, night owl optics syndrome, midnight oil meaning, night owl meaning and early bird, night owl night vision security systemWhenever you feel like yelling at someone or breaking something precious (a flower vase or relation), take a deep breath and tune to your favorite music for 5 minutes, after those calming 5 minutes you will realize yelling makes no sense, believe me. Meditation with Pranayama can help control your senses and mastering your consciences.
  • Make someone’s load lighter: It’s likely to get the traits of the people in you with whom you are spending the most time. Better spend more time on positive people and less on the pessimists around which will bring positivism and better opportunities on your way. Helping someone and doesn’t just earn you goodwill but also new skills.
    cool kid with bikeWhen you march forward to make someone’s load lighter, you learn new things that fall beyond your job. Try to develop good relationships with all folks, make someone’s day brighter and discover a new you rather suffering from “It’s not in my job description” syndrome.
  • Don’t be a Talking Tom: Make a habit of listening more than speaking. It is recommended to listen to others five minutes for every one minute that you speak. It will increase your mental ability as people who talk less are more intelligent than the people who talk more. So stop being a motormouth and discover a new you who can listen and understand.
  • Unleash the stubborn kid in you: Always set goals, not the wishes in your life and simply do not quit chasing those goals. Bring positivity in you and let the negativity and distress fly away. Rather than regretting for the mistakes made in last year, focus on the lessons taught by mistakes. Get up, rise and conquer.
  • Find a whetstone for your sword: A True mentor is a must in everybody’s life that will guide you at every step and will let you achieve what you want. Focus on what you want to be and find someone who can help you in being that. Better to take help from someone who has had already achieved that, it will really help you to be on right path. And never forget, when you learn something, welcome the scrutiny with open arms, at least from you mentor.
  • Go Cashless: Go and do something productive for the nation this time by embracing the change. Addressing the problem, shouting at it leads to nothing. Rise, go forth and help people embracing the transformations towards a cashless economy in India.

A little change in you will surely bring a big difference. So like every Year this time also you have a chance to rehash yourself and do the things which were left undone. Happy New You!

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    This is jus amazed….keep it up…it motivated me to improve myself….😘👏🏻

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