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5 Reasons why Americans want to see Trump as President

Born in 1946 to a real-estate developer named Fred Trump, Donald John Trump, is undoubtedly one of the most badass personality to ever exist in the American mainstream. Hate him or love him, you cannot ignore him. Call him Islamophobe, bigot or what, I find him to be a strong person that would make him a better President than Obama. Thinking from the POV of an average American, here I am summing up a few things he is loved for and he should be loved forever. 5 Reasons why Americans want to see Trump as President, trump vs clinton, Trump News, Why Trump should be president, who will pay for Trump’s wall, trump tower Mumbai, trump debate.

All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me – consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.
-Donald Trump

5 Reasons why Americans want to see Trump as President

  • He is a billionaire and admits being a corporate entity. He’s not sitting there telling you he’s just another David, just like you. The difference between Trump and most of the other Republicans is that he’s an elitist brat and he revels in it and tells you that. He is very savvy with economics, listen to him speak. He has a good understanding of the economy, the problems that exist within it, and how to utilize the upper class to re-invest in America or face higher taxes. America is a corporation, it is also prideful, boastful, capable of great things and capable of immensely destructive things. When you go into rehab, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I feel like Trump is that admission.
  • I’m not necessarily pro-Trump, however, the allure of Trump is that nobody paid for him to get where he is (politically) except for himself. He appears to not be in anyone’s pocket, and he’s making basically every politician crap their pants. He is himself a corporate not a puppet of some other. He will operate America like a business, therefore make it an economic powerhouse and create jobs.
  • One thing that Americans like about Trump is his relentless determination to re-establish the US as the undisputed global power that no one even thinks of dealing with. While the president is not as powerful as he might seem, I believe that his approval/disapproval of certain issues is definitely able to sway public opinion. For example, Obama was able to influence many people’s opinions on refugees, gay marriage, ISIS through his speeches and social media.
  • He is better at the media-celebrity game than any of the politicians he is running against, and its a hobby or sideshow for him, its their entire profession. Trump stands by what he says against great opposition, and tends to be correct, forcing the media to apologize. Media calls him racist, bigot, and he never gives a damn and slams them brutally. This is hilarious and shows his strong side.This just makes every allegation afterwards seem less credible. He is less of a liability, and that will make him a badass president America badly needs.
  • He wants to keep out extremists for the time being. Don’t like that idea? Do you lock your doors at night to keep the people inside the house safe or is it because you hate your neighbors? It’s because you want to keep the people inside safe.

PS: Those who find this piece politically incorrect, can read it as a Satire 🙂

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