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5 early symptoms of vaginal infection which no girl should ignore

Like the well-being of any other part of the body, vaginal health is crucial to a woman’s overall well-being. An unhealthy vagina can affect your fertility and libido. Minor vaginal infection, if not treated timely, present threat of worsening into complex health issues. Prolonged vaginal distress can ruin your relationship, lower your confidence and induce stress.

There are many misconceptions about what you should do to maintain vaginal health. A healthy vagina is actually acidic and contains rich amounts of gainful bacteria that assist fight with the infections and keep up a typical pH level.

It is also normal to secrete small amounts of discharge to stay clean, just like saliva is produced to help cleanse the mouth. Interference with these normal conditions can cause vaginal irritation or infection, so it’s good to know how to keep your vagina healthy.

Vaginal Infection – 5 Signs You Have An Unhealthy Vagina

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After having a busy day at office or with household chores, it might be difficult for you to find time for checkups. Yeast infection is one of the most commonly disease found in women. Any minor infections, if not treated timely, present the threat of worsening into complex health issues.

Therefore, consulting your gynecologist at the first sign of a vaginal malfunction is crucial. Here are 5 warning signs that indicate your vagina is unhealthy and you need to rush to the gynecologist.

  • Itching & Burning: If you have a sensation of inflammation & itching around your vaginal area & inside it might be a sign that you are suffering from vaginal infection. When the harmful bacteria outnumber the good bacteria in the vagina, the imbalance cause physical symptom of itching and burning which are generally the signs of yeast infection. Itching can also be a reaction to chemicals or ingredients in soaps, creams and contraceptive foams .These mixtures can alter the bacterial balance and acidity of the vagina that protect it against infections.
  • Foul Smell: If you notice a recurrent strong odor, one that even transfers to your undergarments, it might be a sign of an infection. Studies show that Pregnant women who are having vaginal smell or vaginal infection have a risk of delivering their baby prematurely & may sometimes lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. So it’s better to seek medical attention if you notice a vaginal odor.
  • Discoloration of Vaginal discharge: Vaginal discharge is the body’s natural mechanism to keep the vagina lubricated and flush out harmful bacteria. Normal vaginal discharge – clear or white and does not give off a bad odor. But if it is turning yellow, Greenish or Brownish red then it’s certainly a cause of worry. If you observe brown or red discharge right after periods then it’s not a big issue or matter of concern but if you experience it in normal days between the periods, it might be a sign of cervical cancer. On the other hand if you observe a Green, Yellow , Smelly discharge it may be sign of trichomoniasis, and STD. The amount of discharge depends on individual but excess discharge certainly indicates unhealthy Vagina.
  • Irregular Bleeding: Irregular vaginal bleeding is usually referred to bleeding that is not part of a regular period. The range of causes includes infection and hormonal changes. A menstrual cycle that lasts abnormally long may also be a sign that there’s a problem. If you have reached menopause but are still experiencing bleeding and spotting, then it’s a not a good sign.
  • Vaginal Bleeding During and after intercourse: Vaginal bleeding is common for those women who are new to sexual intercourse but If you have gone through menopause and experience bleeding during or after intercourse, it is a great cause for worry as it could indicate cervical cancer. Sometimes Vaginal injuries or introitus (opening to the vagina) might also lead to vaginal bleeding.

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