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Wireless Electricity – Not A Distant Dream Now

Wireless Electricity - A concept that 19th century physicist Nikola Tesla dedicated his life, now become reality that might hit your homes sooner than you can imagine!

Think about a home where you need not connect power cables to all your devices and appliances. You need not to find a socket at your office to connect power cord of your laptop. The power comes to your device itself – without a wire. You say, what are you saying, its not possible? I say, yes It is possible now. You can transfer power without the cables. Wireless Electricity that was considered a sci-fi fantasy for long, is not a distant dream now.

Wireless Electricity – A concept that 19th century physicist Nikola Tesla dedicated his life, now become reality. In 2007, Professor Marin Soljacic from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) makes it possible. Few Years ago, one night Prof. Marin Soljacic waked up by the beep of his mobile phone. It was probably sixth time in that month that his phone was saying to connect the charger in the midnight, it disturbs his sleep. He thought, there is lot of electric cables spread all over his home, office everywhere, why this phone is not taking care of its charging? But this requires the flow of electricity without wires to the phone.

wireless electricity infographic

Professor Soljacis start thinking to make it possible, and his efforts make it reality now. His team at WiTricity Corp successfully powered a 60-watt light bulb from a power source seven feet away without any wires!

WiTricity is the brand name of wireless electricity invented by Prof. Solacic and his colleagues at MIT. WiTricity is registered trademark which is registered by its investor which WiTricity Corp diligently protect. WiTricity can not be used to refer wireless electricity in a generic sense.

How Wireless Transmission in Mobile Chargers Work (Infographic)

Wireless Charging Technology Infographic, iphone 8 Wireless Charging Technology , iphone 8 review

iPhone 8 Pegged to Arrive With Wireless Charging

Loosing charge fast is a problem most smartphone users face. This has made wireless charging one of the most sought after technology in one of our time. And As per reports, Apple is planning to go one step ahead and is seeking to bring long range wireless charging technology with iPhone 8. The only catch with long range wireless charging is that the further you get from the charging port, the weaker the signal gets and slower the charging becoming. But as per inside sources, Apple is currently working to resolve this.

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