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Viu – A Must Have App For Korean And Japanese Movie Lovers

What is Viu app: Viu is just another video streaming app that provides the latest premium Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Japanese dramas, animation movies, TV shows, and a variety of shows and movies for free. But what makes it stand apart from other apps is its user-friendly interface and ceaseless video streaming experience. Viu brings you the latest Asian dramas anywhere at anytime.

Available in India: If you live in India and looking for an app that can be used to watch Korean dramas, ViuTV app now also available for Indian viewers who want to watch Asian dramas and movies. Indian viewers can watch now videos on Viu with English subtitles too.

How To Watch Movies With Viu On PC & Smartphone

You can watch the videos on Viu web page just like YouTube or via Viu’s android app. If you are a bit nerdy and love to watch the latest movies with subtitles only then Viu is a perfect choice for you as videos are available in HD quality on Viu with subtitles.

This app provides you subtitles in so many languages like English, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Thai. There are a lot of options available for subtitles for you to choose as your preference. Viu provides subtitle customization according to viewer’s choice. Undoubtedly Viu is best Korean drama app for Android platform.

How to download Viu App?

You can watch these videos on your PC by visiting Viu’s web page, or if you want to download this app on your smartphone, then you just have to follow some steps to download this app.

Steps to install Viu App:

  • Go to Google play store in your smartphone.
  • Search for Viu.
  • Then click on the official app and install Viu app from the publisher Vuclip Mobile Video.

How To Watch Movies With Subtitles:

How to use Viu app: Open the Viu app in your Android phone and you can watch your favorite movie by simply selecting the language options on its home screen – Hindi, Telugu or Korean. You can change your language preference anytime from app settings options ‘programming preference’.

Subtitles changes – You can change your subtitle preference by altering the settings or you can also change subtitles in the middle of video when you are already playing it. When you are playing video then you can change the subtitles settings, just by clicking on the left side and below there are options of sub titles.

Quality of video: On the right side below of video, there are options like auto or 320p, 400p and higher, from which you can choose the quality of videos as you prefer according to your mobile or WiFi data speed & usage.

Top Korean Dramas To Watch On Viu TV App

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My Love From The Star: This story is about love between Alien and a human being. A man ( Do Min Joon) who came from another star falls in love with a girl (Cheon Song Yi) who is an actress. From this story, we can learn about the way to live happily in life. If you really want to be happy then don’t expect anything in return and love is all about to sacrifice something for someone’s good and My Love From The Star portrays it precisely.

W-Two Worlds: This is a story about two worlds – a girl (Oh Yeon Joo) who lives in the real world and a man (Kang Chul) who is a cartoon character lives in the webtoon, and the writer (Oh Yeon Joo) of the webtoon is girl’s father who lives in real world. This story full of suspense, thriller as they both fight for their happy ending. This makes you curious to think about what happens when the virtual world meets the real world.

Uncontrollably Fond: This is a Korean drama series. This story is an inspiration for all the people that don’t run away from your faults or don’t try to cover up because one day will come soon and on that day you’ll be revealed – no matters what and who you are.

The K2: Kim Je-Ha is a hired bodyguard. He is also called K2. This drama is all about the rage, lies and the wrath of political games. Lim Yoona’s father who is a presidential candidate never reveals her daughter’s identity for political aspirations, what happens next will leave you in a hollow.

(App Review by Anju Prajapati)

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Viu Movie Review
  • User Interface
  • Customization
  • Subtitle Settings
  • Streaming Speed


If you are a bit nerdy and love to watch the latest movies with subtitles only then Viu is a perfect choice for you as videos are available in HD quality on Viu with subtitles.

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