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What is Tor and How Should You Use It – A Beginner’s Guide

Every one of us is having access to the internet, but, most of us are unaware of the fact that internet is broader than our imagination. We are able to access just 4% of the actual web and the remaining 96% is the deep web. It is the hidden web that can be accessed by use of special browsers and search engines. The normal search engines cannot crawl the deep web sites. You can always use a Tor browser to access the deep web. But before we move any further, it is important for you to learn what is Tor and how to use it.

What is Tor Browser?

Tor browser is a web browser that is specifically tailored to access the dark websites and deep web information securely. It ensures that the user identity is hidden while accessing the dark web. This will further make sure that no one is able to know about your exact location while accessing the dark website.

Tor Project was backed by the US central government for years and was only used to transfer important military information on the website. Later on, it was given to the universities and soon the world started using it. This BrowserProject promotes its product with one motto that is anonymity on the web.

Tor browser was initially known with the name onion browser as well as onion router. It was developed by DARPA. After few years, the renowned computer scientists Roger Dingledine and Syverson with Nick Mathewson took over the project and named it TOR Project. The browser was launched again in 2002 after this rename.

Since then, the company is taking initiatives to improve the functionality of this browser. The company is also funded by the government of the US that is helping them to improve the product year after year. With these funds, the Tor browser has been kept totally free for years. Yes, you can download it for free to access the dark web.

Where to find Tor Browser and how to install it?

To download the Tor browser, visit the Tor Project website and find the download button. Click on the button and the file will be downloaded on your system. After the download is completed, get ready to install the file. Click on the downloaded file and then follow the installation instructions on the screen. If you are following the on-screen instructions carefully, the file will be installed in no time.

Is it safe to access the Tor Browser?

The first thing you should remember is that your safety lies in your hands, not on the browser. If you are not sure about it, you should not access the dark web. Dark web is a dangerous place to be at because a number of criminal activities happen on the dark web. It is the place where most of the internet criminals live. But if you are accessing the dark web using Tor browser, you can stay away from data theft to a large extent. Tor browser is totally safe to be accessed from a computer.

But if you are going to buy products from the dark web, Tor Browser cannot secure your credit card information. It cannot protect you from the fishy website where you have just left your personal details. Also, the Tor browser will protect the users from malware and other threats that might harm their device.

It is important that a user should not change the privacy setting of the browser. When you install the browser, the browser settings are pre-configured. You don’t have to change these settings. If these settings get changed somehow, your connection becomes vulnerable to threats. So, you must ensure that the Tor browser settings never get changed. This browser usually depends on the JavaScript to keep you protected. So, always keep the JavaScript off for safe browsing.

The Verdict

So far, you might have learnt about the Tor browser. It is important for you to know how it works before you start using it. Tor is a powerful browser that can help you hide your identity and access the dark web without any identity threat. You can definitely browse it anonymously using this browser. But, you need to ensure that proper safety measures are taken while accessing the dark side of the internet as it is the hub of criminals and a number of illegal explicit activities happen on the dark web. Never ever share your personal information on any site on the dark web and use the recommended setting in the browser to stay safe.

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