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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – What’s Inside The Box

The Note 8 will come with enormously powerful hardware which will be at par with the best devices.

Samsung has unveiled its Galaxy Note 8 and it seems the tech giant is tempting to get its sheen back after Note 7 fiasco that costed it hat cost billions of dollars. Huge 6.3 inch device looks more like a business class luxe that comes with the S-pen stylus, that can be used even when its screen is off, enabling users to take notes.  On-screen navigation buttons and slim bezels make it look more stylish to flaunt!

Equipped with a dedicated hardware button for Samsung’s “Bixby” voice assistant, iris scanner Samsung Note 8 is compatible with Samsung’s “Dex” desktop dock. Though Galaxy Note 8 was being counted upon to reclaim the sheen Samsung lost with last year’s Note 7 debacle which was recalled after several batches of defective batteries made the devices catch fire or explode, but the Note8 doesn’t have far to go to be an improvement over the Note 7.

Galaxy note 8 release event, galaxy note 8 review honest

Even today, nearly half a year after the Samsung S7 was launched, many airports still do not allow passengers with these latter devices to board aircraft. The reason is simple: the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was prone to explosions and fires. While the battery manufacturer were to blame for the debacle, many experts and tech enthusiasts suggest that the brand name of Samsung had been dealt an irreparable blow.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 two 12MP cameras on the back, which let users create depth effects and zoom further. The Note 8 is Samsung’s first smartphone to come with a dual camera lens, technology employed in the iPhone 7 Plus and Android challengers such as the Nokia 8 and OnePlus 5.

samsung galaxy note 8 box , samsung galaxy note 8 price specs

Review: The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be one of the best devices to ship this year. The Note 8 will come with enormously powerful hardware which will be at par with the best devices. If you get a good black Friday deal, you might be lucky to be a proud owner of brilliant gadget at a fair price.

It looks like Samsung is taking aim directly in the iPhone 8 at the lead up to the initiation of the Galaxy Note 8. The long and narrow 5.8in QHD+ “infinity” screen provides the big-screen experience in a body practically the same width as, and only a little taller than, Apple’s 4.7in iPhone 7.

Being the market leader in advanced HD screen technology, and the Note8 boasts of havint Samsung’s best smartphone display to date. Samsung’s usual home, back and overview capacitive buttons are gone, instead replaced with software navigation keys.

Color Variants: The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be available in a variety of colors once it hits retail shelves. Those colors include Black, Grey, Blue, and Gold, which you can see in the image below.

galaxy note 8 color variants, note 8 which color available india

The new Galaxy Note 8 will also boast of superb display properties. This is positively due to the slim bezels which suggest that the new S8 series will also have better virtual reality when it comes to the display.

Other Important Specs: The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also have great features which will separate it from the chaff that floats around in the smartphone market. These will include dust proof and waterproof features. The new device will come with a big battery  of 3300mAh as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price and Release Date In India: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price in India is expected to be Rs. 63990 for 64 GB variant. Galaxy Note 8 is due to be launched in August, 2017.

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With Galaxy Note 8, Samsung is tempting to reclaim the sheen it lost with last year's Note 7 fiasco.

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