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6 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Hosting Service

Most of the companies cannot afford even a couple of minutes of downtime in which their website goes inaccessible for the visitors. For e-commerce companies, a few minutes of downtime can result into a big loss of money. That’s why everyone wants to have a good hosting service on their backend. But that may be easier said than done given the hundreds of alternatives out there which range from hosts in our own country to those who run their servers from EU or US and brag big about their services and add-ons.

But how can you know if you want to invest $10 per month versus $100?

If you are looking for best hosting in India, there are a number of posts covering the blogging websites and hosting platforms, which suggest and review the hosting services in India, but before you fall for the reviews list down all your requirements – what do you need and what not!

Which hosting is good or bad?

How close would be the data-centers for your customers? Just how friendly and fast that they solve your issues. Below there are various other elements which you ought to check while buying a hosting:

  • The Bandwidth: Most shared hostings will probably be beneficial for you if you have around 15000 traffic on your website a month. Do not fall for the unlimited features they provide. On shared hosting you’ll observe that even if your bandwidth and space are infinite, the processor time and ram and inodes are, and they’ll limit your website when you have lots of visitors.
  • The Uptime Guarantee: Most great players on the internet hosting marketplace are the same. When picking shared hosting, an essential aspect ought to be uptime and speed of delivery from those servers.
  • Customer Support: Nobody can stop glitches 100 percent, so when and if you end up in the midst of one, it’s better to get somebody who you can call on to find an instant solution. That means searching for suppliers offering 24/7 customer support service who talks your language and really pick up the telephone when you want them to. You do not have to only listen to reviewers tell you just how reliable a Web host’s customer service is, you can check and see for yourself before signing up together. Ask questions and listen to the way every hosting provider copes with your queries.
  • Web hosting location: You’d want UK/Europe based data center (much faster data delivery) and but remember, they won’t be speaking your native language and because of the time zone differences, their customer support representative won’t be able to solve your issues in your desired time.
  • Site hosting speed: Site Speed is a ranking factor too. The quicker the website, more visitors, and conversions and much more income to your company. That is why you require local hosting, and examine their ping and webpage loading time; Google urges server response time under 200ms.
  • Don’t fall for the name: Not all of the big-name Web hosts are all great for you. Big internet hosts are fantastic businesses which have built their forte to victory with time. However, we seldom get blindsided by their successes so much that we do not pay attention to if their hosting alternatives will suit our business requirements or not.

So which hosting would be best for your website? You already have the answer – the one that fits according to your requirements!

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