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Shah Mastana Ji – Incarnation of the Divine Light



Shah Mastana Ji - Incarnation of the Divine Light , shah mastana ji balochistani images videos, shah mastana ji dham balochistani ashram bmb, Dera sacha sauda sirsa

Commemorating Beparwah Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj on His 126th Incarnation Day ‘Anami-e-Sai’ Diwas

Mahak Aa Rahi Hai, Fizan Bhi Gaa Rahi Hai..
Nache Dharti, Naache Ambar, Rabbi Jot Pargata Rahi Hai..

(The fragrance of spirituality is wafting, the environs are singing the songs of God, the heavens, the skies and the earth dance in celebration, as the divine light  incarnates.)

Hordes dancing in joy, their faces radiating happiness, crowds immersed in selfless love for God, dancing without a pause, all that goes beyond of the worldly pleasures. This is a common scene for Dera Sacha Sauda followers, when ocean of humanity gathers to celebrate the incarnation of the Epochal Saint Beparwah Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj on ‘Anami-e-Sai Diwas’, A day when the entire humanity comes together to thank the God for this supreme benevolence.

This is something unimaginable for those who are drenched in the materialistic spheres of life, but for when true lovers of the God celebrate the incarnation day of their beloved Master, the seven realms dance in sync with them, it seems. And why shouldn’t they celebrate it. It was the coming of a Saint who brought the ocean of divine grace upon this planet.

The True Master or Satguru incarnates to show people the right path, the path of self realization, the path to quitting drugs, alcohol and immorality, the path to social reform and humanitarianism. A True Master never seeks money to teach meditation or for God realization.

All those, whom we worship today, incarnated on this earth in human embodiment to shower the divine grace and to salvage the caged souls. It is the fragrance of their thoughts and nobility of their deeds that has inscribed their names in history.

Beparwah Shah Mastana Ji never called himself anything beyond a humble fakir and a teacher of free meditation, and transformed the lives of millions by founding Dera Sacha Sauda. He enlightened the path to ‘Anami-The Supreme Abode’, thus, we celebrate his incarnation day as ‘Anami-e-Sai Diwas’.

True Saints Incarnate to liberate the caged souls

Shah Mastana Ji - Incarnation of the Divine Light , shah mastana ji balochistani images videos, shah mastana ji dham balochistani ashram bmb, Dera sacha sauda sirsa

A soul reincarnates again and again, until it becomes perfect to unite its creator. The body is a prison and the soul is a prisoner. Since time immemorial, souls detached from the supreme abode are wandering helpless. Souls cry to get liberation from this endless loop of births and deaths.

To be born human is considered a great privilege because unlike other creatures, a human can walk the path of  Dharma and become liberated from the cycle of rebirth. But for that, he must know the right path to walk. History has witnessed many such epoch-making events, when the Saints and Messengers marched this planet to claim the God’s souls. Shah Mastana Ji is one such Saint who enlightened the right path and initiated a university of true spirituality where no fee would be charged for teaching God’s words or the ultimate meditation for God realization.

Bhool Gaye Ho Tum Hamein, Hum Na Tumhe Bhulayenge..
Chahe Kuch Bhi Karein Yatan, Vapis Tumhe Le Jayenge…

According to this couplet written by His Holiness Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj, a man might forget the benevolence of the almighty but he will never forget him. Whatever efforts does it take to bring him back, he certainly does.

That’s why he sends his Messengers to show them the right path. A True Master, Peer, Fakir prays for the welfare of the whole universe and peace of the whole of the creatures. He finds happiness if his wards feel happy. Therefore, the True Saints patronize selfless humanitarian endeavors for the upliftment of the society. Their sole motive is to reform the society, radiating love among them, and to connect the creatures with the God’s name – Gurumantra.

One of the highest blessings that you can receive from God while living on earth is meeting a True Spiritual Master. When souls detached from the God cry to get rid of the Karmic cycle, almighty sends his Messengers to liberate these souls from the cycle of rebirth.

Saints are great benefactors. Their Philanthropy is unparalleled. In the worldly affairs, if somebody helps someone he keeps boasting of his charity throughout his lifetime. This is a big difference between the Saints and man.

Let us assume that a man offers good food, good clothes, good cold drinks to a prisoner, it might make him happy for a while but it doesn’t free him. While another man comes forward to liberate him from the jail. Whose benevolence is higher?

The True Masters do the same, they impart the true wisdom and enlighten the path of God that liberates the souls from this materialistic world and help them attain salvation. Such are the deeds of benevolence of the True Masters towards the whole world and they keep on doing such charity work, no matter what.

But this is the duty of human being to be thankful towards his Satguru who has granted life to him, no gift can be bigger than this. All scriptures say equivocally that one should always remember his Guru, and should have a firm belief in him rising above from all the worldly desires. If one does it without asking for any favor, the Satguru grants countless bounties in his bag, without being asked for.

Jab Sant Jagat Mein Aate Hain, Woh Apna Bhed Chhupate Hain..
Nijghar Ki Baat Batate Hain, Vishvas Kare Le Jate Hain…

(When True Master marches on the earth to liberate the caged souls from the cycles of rebirths, He incarnates in human embodiments, lives amongst human like them, and enlightens the path to supreme abode; only those who believe attain salvation.)

Divine Life of Shah Mastana Ji at a Glance:

Beparwah Shah Mastana Ji was born on Kartik Poornima in 1891 in village Kotra, tehsil Gandhey, district Kalait of Balochistan, in the family of  Respected Sh. Pillamal and Mata Tulsa Bai Ji. He belonged to a Kshatriya family. Earlier, He was named as Shri Khemamal Ji. It was Huzoor Baba Sawan Singh, who christened Him with the name of ‘Shah Mastana Ji’.

From early childhood, Shah Mastana Ji had a great inclination towards spirituality; that is why at the young age of 13-14 Years he left home in the search for a True Master. In his search Mastana Ji met almost every famous saint of northern India but couldn’t find anyone perfect to be a Master.

After searching for almost nine years Mastana Ji met His Holiness Huzoor Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj and got initiated by Him. As luck would have it, his thirst for the Divine Lord was fulfilled and what followed next was the development of true faith in His Satguru.

As His inner self was clean and His love for Baba Sawan Singh Ji was selfless, His honest and profound devotion towards his Satguru earned Him a special place in the vision of Baba Sawan Singh Ji. Beparwah Shah Mastana Ji used to dance very often in love for His Satguru, singing the songs of praise for Baba Sawan Singh Ji and addressing His Satguru with a unique salutation, “Dhan Dhan Sai Sawan Shah Ji Nirankar, Tera Hi Aasra.”

The jealous abound even around perfect Saints. Some found this an opportunity to complain about Shah Mastana Ji to Sawan Shah Ji, that He was distorting the basic salutation of Beas Ashram. Baba Sawan Singh Ji immediately asked for Maharaj Mastana Ji to be summoned, much to the delights of louts.

Baba Sawan Singh Ji asked, “Don’t do this, why are you eulogising me in your salutation.” Shah Mastana Ji answered in all humility, “Sai Ji, I am forever in your loving shade, for me you are the manifestation of the omnipresent unseen Almighty, you are the omniscient God. I get intoxicated by your love, therefore I start dancing.” Baba Sawan Singh Ji spoke in an affectionate voice and said, “Still, you must change your salutation to Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra. You have to go to the lands of Bagar and preach God’s words and spread God’s name.”

Initially Beparwah Ji extremely reluctant and submitted, “This is very difficult. I do not wish to leave you. I will go only if this is your commandment.” The  amazing boon of Shah Mastana Ji’s meditation granting deliverance from transmigration or salvation within this lifetime was granted by Baba Sawan Singh Ji at that time. And the Holy Slogan Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra was also endorsed by Baba Sawan Singh Ji saying that if the Holy Slogan was spoken with devotion, it would have power in both worlds.

Shah Mastana Ji achieved something impossible in this Kaliyuga, by asking Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji, for bestowing the ultimate gifts. “Those initiated by you, Shah Mastana, dwell with one foot on this planet and another foot in divinity’s ultimate abode-the realm of Sachkhand,” His Holiness Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj had said.

“Those initiated by you, if they remain true to the cardinal principles, do a little meditation and humanitarian service, shall never be short of anything,” the divine Master had ordained. And this was how the Dera Sacha Sauda was founded in Sirsa in 1948.

Shah Mastana Ji taught the method of meditation (Naam-Shabd, Guru-Mantra) to thousands of people over a period of twelve years. After performing His assigned duties, Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj handed over his reign to His successor Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj on February 28, 1960. And He Himself left for his eternal abode on April 18, 1960.

Shah Mastana Ji in his last Satsang (spiritual discourse) of January 1960 had repeatedly prophesied, “Exactly after seven years, I will come again in the form of the third body (the Third Master)” Exactly after 7 years in 1967, on 15th August, He re-incarnated as Third Master, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Since then, the following of Dera Sacha Sauda and its preachings has grown manifolds.

From a broad humanitarian perspective no Saint, Seer, King or social worker in the history of mankind has undertaken the campaigns that Dera Sacha Sauda has undertaken in guidance of Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

Badaldi Nahi May Haqiqi, Paimana Badalda Rehnda, Surahi Badaldi Rehndi….

The nectar of Godly love and divinity never changes its taste, just the glass and the container changes.



  1. Disha

    October 31, 2016 at 11:59 pm

    Beautifully Written 👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Jagdeep

    November 1, 2016 at 8:05 am

    Happy incarnation month to Sai Mastana ji maharaj a founder of Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa

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porn erectile dysfunction, how porn is harmful

Porn can ruin your relationship by killing your libido

Researchers think the Internet makes people much more vulnerable to sex addictions because it gives them instant access to pornographic material. While most porn viewers are guys, about one third of visitors to pornographic websites are women, and psychologists say women struggle with cyber-porn addictions, too.

Participants in a study viewed only about five hours of pornography over a six week period. Afterwards they noticed a direct impact on their sexual satisfaction in real relationships. The more participants were exposed to porn, the less satisfaction they had with their intimate partners: they were less likely to be pleased with their partner’s physical appearance, affection, and sexual performance in the bed.

A man’s physical response to porn—faster heart rate, increased blood-flow, erection—is preceded by a deeper neurological process, which scientists have attempted to capture through brain scans.

The report, called ‘Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction is a Growing Problem’, explains that the loss of libido 30 years early is caused by continuous over-stimulation of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that activates the body’s reaction to s€xual pleasure, by repeatedly viewing pornography on the internet.

Exposure to lurid images and films in the new media is de-sensitizing so many young people that they are increasingly unable to become excited by ordinary sexual encounters, reports suggest.

How Porn Hijacks the Brain

A ‘paradoxical effect’ is created whereby with each new thrill, or ‘dopamine spike’, the brain loses its ability to respond to dopamine signals, meaning that porn-users demand increasingly extreme experiences to become sexually aroused. This imbalance in the brain leads to many problems: impotence with your spouse, frequent masturbation with very little satisfaction, anxiety, fatigue, lack of motivation, inability to concentrate, and escalating tastes for more bizarre or novel porn.

Over a decade ago, Dr. Judith Reisman called porn an “erototoxin,” theorizing that the brain itself might be damaged while watching porn. She speculated that future brain studies would reveal that the surge of neuro-chemicals and hormones released when someone watches porn has measurably negative effects on the brain.

Her theory was initially ignored by the perverts but the recent studies and brain mapping proves it scientifically that porn can ruin your sex life, romantic relationship and the marriage. People who think that porn is harmless and simply helps people “get in the mood”, or “relieves frustration”, are kidding themselves.

The chemical processes in our brains are really complicated, and when you start messing with them, it’s really difficult to develop a healthy sexuality again.

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