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3 Things You Should Know Before You Switch from Smoking to Vaping

Looking to switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping? While this is a great decision and a healthier alternative to smoking, you should be aware that starting to vapes takes much more than just picking the best mod and e-juice. Switching from smoking to vaping comes with a commitment, and the initial investment may cost more than you think. In the long run, though, you’ll love it.

Here are three things to keep in mind before you get into vaping


When you smoke traditional cigarettes, you ingest lots of carbon monoxide. This is not the case with vaping, so the amount of oxygen in your blood is bound to increase.

In fact, on day one of switching to vaping you’ll notice an improvement in your breathing. This is because your lungs will start to clear out debris and mucus. However, it may take you at least six months to start seeing some concrete results. One of the most notable long-term effects of switching is the reduction of the risk of a heart attack by about 50%.


Vaping presents you a chance to save money. Some states and countries have imposed hefty taxes on tobacco products, pushing the cost of cigarettes through the roof.Vaping, on the other hand, is quite economical, especially if you’re using refillable vaporizers. E-liquids are quite affordable and can serve you for years as long as you uphold proper maintenance of your device.

Moreover, the health benefits of vaping help you to save money. With a lower risk of health complications, your healthcare costs will be lower in the long run compared to those that come with smoking.

Types of Vaping Devices

When you go out shopping for vaping starter kits, you can be overwhelmed by the variety of devices available on the market. This simple guide can help you differentiate them from one another.

  • Cig-a-likes

Cig-a-likes are the simplest vaping devices. They are disposable and incredibly easy to use, making them a perfect choice for beginners. To activate the cig-a-like, you simply need to start inhaling, and then you can relish the vapor.


  • E-cigs

Electronic cigarettes are equipped with an atomizer, a battery, and a cartridge that holds the vaping material. You can use e-cigs for a long time, since they are normally rechargeable. They’re also easy to use, making them ideal for people who don’t know how to start vaping.


  • Vape Pens

Vape pens are the most advanced vaping devices. They are more powerful, more versatile, and more efficient than the previously mentioned systems. Designed like a pen, these devices are equipped with a rechargeable battery and an atomizer. However, they also take some practice to use properly.



Switching to vaping can be quite overwhelming, thanks to the fact that quitting cigarettes is a herculean task and vaping comes with some lifestyle changes. Not knowing where to start is another hurdle, but with these three things in mind, you’ll have an easier time.

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