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Why Night Owls Are Smarter Than Early Birds

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” is the saying that makes all the night owls out there question their productivity. However, now the habit of vamping gets science on its side. Studies show night workers are stronger both mentally and physically. Shibika Mitra explains the reason why one should feel proud of being a night-owl.

Night Owls vs Early Birds – Who Wins The Race?

A research at the University of Madrid studies the circadian rhythm or the natural body clock of 1000 adolescents and evaluated their academic performance and general intelligence. 32% of them turned out to be the late workers and this group bagged considerably higher on inductive reasoning that measures better academic performance and predict higher intelligence.

Humans are programmed to go to sleep when the sun goes down and wake up as the sun shows up. By evolution they need light to figure out their way and cannot see much in the dark. However The Intelligence Paradox: Why the Intelligent Choice Isn’t Always the Smart One, explains the reason behind being the night owl. Being the more intelligent individuals you are  tend to go against the evolutionary design and stay up late after the sun is down.

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The early bird catches the worm but what about the midnight oil burners who reap all they can under the blanket of shining stars. The perks of being the one who works best at night is way beyond the psychological. You know you are the night-owl if you feel a sudden strength and urge to wind up all your days chores once the sun sets down.

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Researchers at the University of Alberta found that the strength of the early birds remained constant throughout the day, but the nightowls’ strength rose at night. The explanation was, a night person experiences a central nervous system drive which increases motor cortex and spinal cord excitability. Their boost of night energy, explains why they have trouble sticking to an earlier bedtime.

Then comes experiencing the peace of the night. Your brain can detach itself from the hustle of its surrounding and think peacefully at night. Many, in fact, all have stayed up all night pondering about someone or something. Many life decisions are made during these hours.

This tendency to have clearer thoughts, develop non-conventional spirit and find alternative or original solution is again backed up by researchers from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan who found that night people tend develop original and creative solutions to problems than morning.

However these researches are not your passport to skimp on sleep and permission to stay up late. The right amount of sleep, seven to nine hours for an average adult is must for a healthy lifestyle. If your lifestyle allows then opting out of early wake-up time and burning the midnight oil gives you the silent and distraction free hours.

Guest post by Shibika Mitra

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