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Which Massage Chair Would Be Best For Your Massage Parlor!

Investing in a massage chair can be a very delicate venture. A massage parlor is not complete if it does not boast state of art massage chairs. High-end massage chairs are a guarantee to customer’s comfortability and satisfaction. Massage parlor furniture and equipment combined with great services is a sure remedy to retaining clients and what more? There is a possibility of word of mouth kind of marketing.

Purchasing a great massage chair, therefore, can be one of the best decisions you can ever make with regard to your massage business. There are many massage chairs store spread out worldwide with varying prices according to the chair’s design. For instance, a massage chair cost will vary with how work and materials have been utilized making that chair.

The cost of massage chair is, therefore, a thing to put into consideration bearing in mind that your return investments should be worth the kind of a massage chair you decide to buy in terms of the amount it should be earning you. Let us look at what you should look out for when getting a massage chair:

What To Look For In A Massage Chair

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Functionality: Massage chair comes in different levels; the low-end, and high-end. Low-end massage chairs offer simple vibration and rolling massage. The high-end massage chairs, on the other hand, offer a wide variety of features that offer your body maximum comfort. With this kind of chair, you are guaranteed unlimited pre-programmed features such as rolling, kneading, vibration, tapping, and reflexology.

Chair Positions: Massage chairs come in varying massage styles, and they are also designed to cover more areas other than just your back. An effective massage chair is designed to offer both leg and foot massage. Other chairs offer arm and wrist massages. The mentioned options are usually operational by support of airbags and rollers within the chair.

Airbags: The airbags usually offer powerful relief to the client, especially from stiffness and tension which is delivered by small pouches with pressurized air which are located at the back, legs or even sometimes on the sides of your massage chair. When inflated, the airbags help stimulate blood flow by compressing your muscles. A massage chair with both airbag and rolling massage features create a full body massage that guarantee the client a service of their lifetime.

Rollers: You should look out for the range of rollers when investing in a massage chair. Some massage chairs offer customization feature whereby you can adjust both width and height of the rollers.

Heated Massage: A heated massage is one of the most advanced options that a massage chair can possess. It significantly increases the relaxation of your muscles.

Massage Power: Most massage chair outlets offer chairs that come with customized features that strengthen your chair which makes the chair beneficial in the long run. The number of motors within a chair indicates the power and strength level of a chair.

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