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The Best workout for an Apple-Shaped Body

The best way to get the body you want? Embrace the one you have. Being apple-shaped or pear-shaped, is a matter of hereditary trait, just like your hair color, skin color, or eye color. Right, just like these examples, it is not easy to get riddance of your genetic attributes, but being a little tricky you can easily manipulate the ‘things’.

“I have flat butt and apple shape body. That is my upper body portion is more noticeable than the lower one. What should I do to balance my body and have a bigger, rounder butt?” A lady in her mid-30s asks this question on Quora. Sometimes, I wonder who the hell on the earth is to decide what to notice in you? And who’s that idiot who is floating this nonsense that you can alter your body sizes the way you want. NO, you cannot! You cannot challenge the genes, and of course the nature.

Initially, you can keep yourself in shape as long as you follow a good diet chart and a decent exercise plan REGULARLY. But once you lose your control over your body, it is almost impossible to have it back.The Best workout for an Apple-Shaped Body , fat girl exercise, hot fat girl in gym, How to dress if you have a apple shaped body, apple shaped women, dress to look slim, apple shaped body

Losing weight won’t make you beautiful, keeping the weight off forever will. So don’t do crash diets, but find a diet plan you can stick to for the rest of your life without getting lured by chocolates, and exercise for the rest of your life as well.

When they say, remove fat from belly, or remove fat from thighs, it’s not a real thing, believe me. You can’t remove fat from one specific part of the body.

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Fat is gradually reduced from all over the body and you don’t have any say in it. But you can tone up your body according to your need. It doesn’t simply change your shape or reduces fat from one area or gains at another; it simply highlights the attributes you want to flaunt.

If you have an apple shaped, feel yourself lucky: Because it is easier for an apple shaped body to drop pounds than a pear does because “abdominal fat breaks down more quickly than fat stored in the butt and thigh area.”

Motivated? 😉 Now it is time to stick to your resolution. 😊

Waist-to-hip ratio is heavily influenced by genetics as well as diet. Burn more calories than you take in. It doesn’t matter where you keep your fat, exercise will take it off and a healthful diet will keep it from coming back on.

Most of the gym trainers, health blogs, and those YouTubers who hypnotize you with their 30 minutes-workout video, make you believe that it’s a fun thing and you can attain an hourglass figure in just 45 days.

I might sound harsh but truth must be said. I keep saying over and over that working out and becoming lean is not easy, it will take time and energy to get you there. It will not be fast, it will not be fun and you will feel like quitting.

However, it can be done! Are you ready to move forward?

The Best Workout Plan for an Apple-Shaped Body

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  • Leg exercises like squats and dead-lifts, pressing movements such as the bench press and overhead press, jumping, and sprinting are imperative to cut that apple down. You might be wondering most of workouts are same as pear-shaped body.
    When you will browse some other health and fitness blogs over internet, you will find that the exercises they suggest to gain weight on butts and to lose, are almost same. Yes its true. Workouts remain the same. It’s just your diet that determines whether you are going to gain weight or lose.
    What you eat: Cut down on carbohydrates like bread and rice, Avoid salty and sweet items, Stick to fiber and protein.
    When you eat: Eat regularly to avoid binging, Eat at least five hours before your normal sleep time, As you go throughout the day the level of carbohydrates. Intake should decrease.
    How much you eat: Do not eat until you feel full, Practice incremental portion control.
  • Focus on changing up your cardio routine regularly. Specially, if you are in mid-30s, the hormonal changes take an extra toll on you making it harder to lose fat, as when your belly starts to lose fat, it starts accumulating somewhere else. Each day, do a different exercise, and start with 10 sets of 10 reps with two minutes rest between sets.
  • Walking, running and sprinting  is the best exercise for those apple shaped women who want to burn more fat and calories in short time period. A higher amount of calories and fat will be expended because huge amount of energy is required for running. And it doesn’t need you to spend many hours in gym. Just lace-up your shoes and breathe the fresh air while loosing your pounds. Also read: How to run in a right way.
  • By working on the lower half of your body, you can help balance out your chest and shoulders. If you are looking for upper body exercise, traditional push-ups or modified push-ups (knees touching the floor) will help strengthen your chest, arms and abs.
  • Exercises such as swimming, kayaking or playing tennis will tone the waist through their torso-rotating actions. During an hour-long singles game of tennis, a 160-lb. individual will burn approximately 584 calories. While swimming is always good for every body-type, because it is a full-body exercise that tones every body part, strengthening your lungs and relaxing your mind as well.

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    Thanks for this awesome help! I just wanted to add that Inskating is Great and Fun!

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