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10 Google Tricks That’ll Change the Way You Search

While we use it everyday, many of us would not be knowing these Google search tips and tricks and special features to make advanced and powerful searches.

A word, that was never heard by anyone 20 years ago, and now we cannot survive without using it – Google. In the world of web, Google is probably the most used tools by the common man. How many times you enter a complete URL to access Facebook? Most of us simply type fb in URL bar and get to Facebook via Google.

Time has come when everyone starts the web with Google.

In fact, the term Google has become synonym to the Search. Google offers a simple and crisp interface, but hides many Herculean tricks and tools under the hood.

Here are some easy tricks and tools that you can use for better research and advanced search for desired content easily and quickly than ever before.

10 Google Tricks That’ll Change the Way You Search

Millions of people use Google every day for a variety of reasons. Students use it for helps in education, businessmen use it for market research, and millions more use it for entertainment.

While we use it everyday, many of us would not be knowing these powerful tips and tricks, search options and special features to make advanced and powerful searches.

  • Search Google with an emoji tweet: You can now instantly get results from the Google search engine just by tweeting an emoji to @Google. A beer emoji will show you beer bars nearby, an umbrella emoji will tell you the weather if it will rain around you. Of the 1,400 unicode symbols available, there are roughly 200 emojis that search engine will answer to on Twitte. Just in time for the holidays, the Christmas tree emoji shows results for where the nearest festive foliage are.
    Search google with emoji tweet, Google search tips
  • Use Hyphen to exclude words: To remove unimportant or undesired results from your query, simply write a hyphen/minus symbol before the word you want to exclude from the Google search. For example, if you want to search about Donald, but not about Donald Trump, simply seach as:
    Donald -Trump
    FYI: Donald Trump is more popular than Donald Duck, WTF!
    google search tips and tricks, Donald Duck and trump, donald duck trump cartoon
  • Use OR search function: When you are confused between two keywords, using OR function can help you to find results for both. Simply put in those two potential variations buzzing in your head, and separate them by typing the “|“ symbol or use ”or.” OR is used to give either-or words in the search query. Google lists results having any of those words. For example: “buy cheap coffee OR tea” is short for searching two queries “buy cheap coffee” OR “buy cheap tea” and gives results for both queries.
    google search tips and tricks, madonna or lady gaga, hot Madonna or lady gaga
  • Use Quote marks: When searching for something specific, say song lyrics or heading of a specific article you read somewhere, try using quote marks ”  “ to minimize the guesswork for Google search. When you put your search keywords in quotes, it imforms the search engine to search for the whole phrase in exact format you typed it in. For instance, if you search for Lionheart to Roar Again, the engine will search for content that contains those four words in any order. However, if you search Lionheart to Roar Again, it will search for this phrase exactly as you typed it. Quoting the search keyword within is the simplest and most powerful way to find something specific and in the exact order you typed it in. If you know a single line from the song and not the title, quoting that line will get you the lyrics of exactly what you want.
    google search tips and tricks, lionheart hind ka napak ko jawab on google
  • Find Celebrity’s age: If you love trivia, this simple trick will surely delight you. You just have to put age after the name of your favorite celebrity. This way, Google will show the exact age of that celebrity. For example if you type, Nicki Minaj Age, Google will not just return the age, but also the date of birth and the age of other celebrities from the same interest criteria. Google not just stops here, it will also tell you how old was Nicki Minaj when she became famous and where she comes from.
    google search tips and tricks, nicki minaj age
  • Search within a specific website: Sometimes you read an interesting article on a website and find yourself subsequently wanting to share it with your friends or simply reread it. The site: function empowers you to search within a specific website and not the whole internet. Simple type the domain name of the website, after site: and then type one or two keywords from the article you want to read again. For example: site:brutallyhonest.in idiot will list all the results for the search term ‘idiot’, but only from the mentioned website (brutallyhonest.in) and not from the other websites.
    google search tips and tricks, search within site
  • Search the songs by your favourite icon: Google’s powerful search engine can help you find songs by your favorite singer, musician or movie quickly. The search result would lists all the songs together and you can click any song to watch it on YouTube and to read additional information that particular song. For example: songs by AR Rahman brings you all the songs composed by AR Rahman with album/movie name and the year of release.
    google search tips and tricks, songs by ar rahman on google
  • Search Time and Live Weather Information: If you are planning to travel a nearby town or guessing the timezone in a far flung city, Google can do it for you in matter of seconds.
    google search tips and tricks, live weather in karnal
  • Use Google Translation: You might be reading an article that has some words from native language, or a song that has unusual lyrics, or you might be wondering how to say Thank You in Japanese, get to Google and it will translate it for you. The results may not be exact when you try to translate a complete paragraph via Google Translator, but somehow it is very handy and costs nothing, a human version of English to Spanish translator can charge you hundreds of dollars, but google does not.
    translate te amo in english, how to use google translator

While we use search engines everyday, many of us would not be knowing these Google search tips and tricks and special features to make advanced and powerful searches.

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