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How To Keep Your Pet Happy And Healthy

Chances are good if you are reading this post, you have a non-human friend at your home. They love us unconditionally. Now it’s our turn to show them how much we care.

Today is National Pet Day! National Pet Day is quickly becoming one of the most popular of the many daily holidays people love to celebrate – and for good reason. I mean, who doesn’t love pets? Whether its dogs or cats, bunnies or even birds, turtles, gerbils or fish, the happiness that pets bring to millions of folks in the world and across the world is incredible.

They love us unconditionally. Now it’s our turn to show them how much we care. No animal should ever have to suffer, especially at the hand of humans.

National Pet Day – Keep Your Pet Happy And Healthy

From dogs, cats, fishes and birds to more offbeat animals like hamsters, turtles, snakes and bunnies, there are a wide variety of nonhuman companions that have made their recognition as most loyal friends throughout the world.

They do not lie to you, they do not betray you, and they love you unconditionally, all that they want in payback is a little love and care. Chances are good if you are reading this post, you have a non-human friend at your home. Here we have a list of some little lovely things that you can give them back in favor.

Make Your Pet Happy for Life

national pet day Cute puppy happy healthy

  • Isolating a dog is just as detrimental. Dogs need to interact to feel fulfilled, and to learn basic social mores. But their sociability is not unlimited; in fact, most dogs are somewhat tribal in nature, preferring to mingle with those they know, or with those who pose no discernible threat. Try to get your dog out on a regular basis. Take her for a daily walk, and a weekly trip in the car.
  • Nearly every breed of dog loves water, so prance through puddles, leap into lakes, or just play in a baby pool. Give him a bath. After all that wading in the stinky pond down the street, give him a nice bubble bath with specially formulated puppy shampoo.
  • Say no to sweets. Even though your puppy is part of your family, he does not need his own chocolate. In fact, desserts such as chocolate can seriously harm puppies. If you must nestle something in that pink grass, bury bones or toys.
  • Don’t overfeed. Yes, it’s true that puppies burn twice the energy of adult dogs, but that doesn’t mean they need twice the food. Feed “smart” by giving your puppy a nutrient-dense meal that allows his body to make the best use of the calories eaten. Always dump the water in your pup’s bowl before each meal is served (and between meals, if necessary), and then scrub the dish.
  • Your dog doesn’t want you to be an emotional roller coaster. If you are enervated and joyous one day and morose and grumpy the next, you’ll confuse and worry her. She would rather you be a master of calm, as this projects normalcy and safety. So, avoid both ends of the emotional spectrum; no over-the-top, frenetic, schmaltzy outbursts, or gloomy, oppressive, threatening attitudes.
  • Give your pup a job for when you’re gone and he is left alone. Dogs are bred for a specific purpose, whether it be herding or hunting, and can misbehave when these natural instincts are suppressed. If you praise a dog for a behavior, he will logically repeat the behavior. But if you randomly give gratis praise, the dog ends up training you instead.
  • A pet is happiest when he’s healthy. Make sure your pet is on year-round preventative medication for heartworm. This parasite is prevalent during the warmer months and it’s extremely important to protect your pup from it. Ensuring your pet’s physical and mental well-being means keeping him stimulated, even when you are not home.
  • If you’re outside, make sure your pet has a shady spot where he can take a break from the sun. Do not over-exercise your pet and if it’s extremely hot out, just stay inside where it’s cool. Brushing your pup will help keep your dog or cat cool, and it’ll keep her clean while protecting her from possible summer skin problems! Pets can get dehydrated pretty fast so make sure they always have access to plenty of clean, fresh water. Your pup can overheat quickly and it’s important for you to keep an eye on him so he stays happy and healthy even on the warmest of days!

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  1. Novemberschild says

    As a pet parent, it’s important to keep your pet happy and healthy! Our pets need more than our love to keep them in tip-top shape It seems like the most natural thing in the world—our pets need food, water, medical care and lots of love. But dogs and cats have other needs, too. Our furry friends need ample physical exercise and mental stimulation to lead truly full and happy lives. You are responsible for providing opportunities to exercise your cat/dog’s mind and body to ensure to keep them healthy and happy!

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