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The Truth About Sleep Aids – Do They Really Work?

Snoring is one of the biggest problems for adults, and it can also put you at risk for sleep disorders like sleep apnea. Many experts advise that people shouldn’t take their snoring lightly. If anything, heavy snoring that manages to disrupt a good night’s sleep can be a sign of other more severe illnesses.

You could try to use one of the many over the counter snoring aids latest (read our Snorerx review), but before doing so, it is important to consider at least some of the factors we mention below.

Do You Suffer From Sleep Apnea

If you decide to use a snoring aid without consulting a specialist, you’re overlooking its danger to your health. If you are suffering from moderate or severe sleep apnea where the airways become obstructed as they sleep, it can cause snoring, loss of breath and they could be gasping for air as they sleep. These people will need a medical device or prescription medication to rectify the problem.

Anti Snoring Devices Don’t Work Wonders

You can decide to use an array of snoring aids from finger rings to over 300 types of snoring aids though they don’t work wonders. There are also products that will target the reason for your snoring like nasal congestion or if you’re sleeping on your back or some other reason.

Back in 2003, a study looked at Snorenz a lubricating spray and nasal dilator strip as well as an ergonomically designed pillow all of which were touted to stop snoring. Though over several nights, used by 37 women and men, measurements were taken and their sleeping patterns checked.

The final results showed that no person saw a significant improvement in their night’s sleep using a snoring aid. If anything the study cast severe doubt over many over the counter products. Though a lot has changed since 2003, it still stands to reason that many products may not work as advertised.

Pillows and Props to Keep You on Your Side

According to many doctors, almost a quarter of snorers either have less or no snoring when put on their sides. Some snorers will wear soft backpacks which prevent them from moving back on their sides. Also, some snorers have come up with their unique methods of keeping them on their sides like using mini foam footballs in their pajamas.

stop snoring naturally, anti snoring device reveiw

But why don’t these people use anti-snore pillows? Well because according to doctors they don’t work. It may be better just sleeping with something wedged into your back. When most people sleep they change position every 30 minutes on average. So, if you use a prop, it will be pushed out of the way.

However, some FDA approved products do work to cure mild sleep apnea and snoring. Those pillows are tested extensively and have only received an FDA approval after a lot of rigorous testing. So, they are both comfortable and practical. That said there is still no guarantee that it will work for you.

Make Lifestyle Changes To Stop Snoring Naturally

Some changes you can make is to avoid alcohol, tranquilizing drugs, antihistamines and a bunch of other stuff which is known to depress the central nervous system and loosen the throat muscles. Also, try using a humidifier which helps to keep the throat wet.

If you are a few pounds overweight, try shedding those pounds which should help to open up the airways. According to doctors, these often-overlooked lifestyle changes can affect sleeping patterns and have significant effects. So, you should always look towards using an aid if these lifestyle changes haven’t worked for you or have not been as effective.

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