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No Backyard – No Problem – Follow these Genius Gardening Ideas

Did you know your plants are less susceptible to disease and exposure to bacteria and fungi if grown indoors? Container gardening takes away some of the unpredictability of gardening outdoors and comes with its own benefits.

In this fast paced world, human being himself has turned into a machine. With ever-changing lifestyle and ever-evolving technology the human being has no time for himself. How many of us have time to ponder on soil, plants, to enjoy the beauty of sunrise and take advantage of glorious gifts presented by mother nature like fresh and pollution free mornings, even if they get up early? A little time you invest in gardening can bring you closer to nature, if you feel you are not a good gardener or you do not have enough time and space for gardening, this brief guide for beginner gardeners can help them to grow beautiful flowers, plants and herbs in indoor spaces.

Gardening brings all of us closer to nature. Apart from this it is a kind of exercise too. Doing gardening every morning gives proper exercise to the body.  Half an hour of gardening is equal to the consumption of calories with half an hour of cycling. Regular gardening maintains blood pressure fine and even keeps muscles and body parts firm. Apart from this you also get peace of mind as the plants, flowers and fruits grown by you, gives peace and joy to the soul. Flats have substituted open houses. Are you one of today’s hurried urban gardeners, with less space in your home and even lesser time to put but more need to relax? Here you go:

A Guide to Gardening Indoors

Because of limited space, only utilities remain the part of the homes. You can spot geysers, AC and dish-TVs in almost every flats but how many of them have a garden? Those who think about gardening, they normally step aback thinking, how to develop garden at third or fourth floor and how to nurture plants. Time demands on today’s busy homeowners don’t leave much spill-over for outdoor such as mowing, fertilizing, mulching and weeding, let alone flower gardening!

Did you know your plants are less susceptible to disease and exposure to bacteria and fungi if grown indoors? Container gardening takes away some of the unpredictability of gardening outdoors and comes with its own benefits. It can even be used in conjunction with gardening outdoors, particularly for seasonal plants. So, which plants can be grown in a container and what are the benefits?

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The easiest plants to grow in a container are those which produce a high yield with minimal effort. Most herbs will do well in a container so this is a good place to start. Citrus plants like lemon or the tomato plant require a little more care but are ideal for potting. You can even try planting some fragrant flowers to leave your home smelling fresh around the clock. These can include lilies, roses or Gardenia, all of which can be easily planted in containers.

The soil used in container gardening often contains its own fertilizer meaning that your plants will get the nutrition they need straight away. Garden soil often contains bacteria and fungus which can disrupt the growth of your plants. Even if you do have your own garden, the soil may not be in the condition it needs to be for certain plants to grow and this can be more carefully controlled in a container environment.

The following guide to container gardening provides further details on how to grow your plants indoors or on your balcony.

Some Genius Gardening Ideas For Small Spaces

Are you one of today’s harried urban gardeners, with less time to put but more need to relax? But solution to their problem is available. There are some species in plants that grow better in shadows.

Some of them like Arika Palm, Fycle, Drejina, Money Plant etc. don’t need much care they can easily develop in pots. They give feel of greenery and you too get peace of mind. Places with light sunlight can be decorated with Bogonvillia, Sadabahar, Gudhal, Morpankhi or some decorative bamboos, kohia etc. Bogonvillia and Sadabahar has multicoloured flowers.

They can easily be looked after. With little digging now and then and watering every alternate day, these plants grow well. Putting manure once a month makes them fine.Once you know what you want to plant, you can figure out how plan a vegetable garden with the right amount of space. While figuring out what to plant in a garden with vegetables keep it your mind that you don’t need a large space to begin. If you choose to grow in containers, you don’t even need a yard — a deck or balcony may provide plenty of space.

Railing planters filled with colorful combinations can add sparkle to balconies, decks and porches. They’re an excellent way to add color, fragrance and beauty where plantable space is limited or non-existent. Save even more space by using railing planters. You can dress up the porch or deck by filling these planters with colorful flowers and edibles. Make sure they are sturdy and easy to install. Include flowers like globe amaranth, Lisianthus, and daisies that are great for cutting. You’ll enjoy your garden inside and out throughout the season.

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Those who like to have fragrant flowers in their pots, must go for Gardenia, lily, Bela, Raat Ki Rani and Rose. Apart from this champa, chameli and other seasonal flowers too can easily be grown in pots. Ester, dehliya, dog flower, sweet pee etc. are some plants that spread their glow from light winter to spring.

At first, when you decide what to plant in a garden, it’s best to start with small. Many gardeners get a little too excited at the beginning of the season and plant more than they need — and end up wasting food and feeling overwhelmed by their garden.

So first, take a look at how much your family will eat when you think about how to plan a vegetable garden. Keep in mind that vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and squash keep providing throughout the season — so you may not need many plants to serve your needs. Other vegetables, such as carrots, radishes, and corn, produce only once. You may need to plant more of these.

Gardening on Terraces and Balconies: People those who live on top-floors, have terraces or balcony, can use big tin tank and pots for growing fruits and plants. You may have seen some hotels get their roof dig and then filled with soil to grow the plants. Like this easily you can grow guava, papaya, lemon, phalsa, sweet lime etc.

Either put plants in pots or get the roof treated for water proofing treatment and that will save from water seepage problem. If you have placed soil-bed over the floor then you can place grass over it and even can enjoy lawn on roof top. Do you really aspire for good health, and stress free life, then there is nothing better than gardening. This is the kind of hobby that never harms.

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