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7 Brutally Honest Demotivational Quotes That are Funny Yet Practical

Do you have many complaints with what you are doing. Stop complaining and ask your inner you if you could do better than this.


Let’s be practical and face the reality. These new jogging pants aren’t going to make you fit and fine unless you break the machines in gym. Here we have some Brutally Honest demotivational quotes from probably the most pessimistic souls among us.

Those that clearly notice and dare to admit that glass is half-empty might be labeled as pessimist or ‘a man who always thinks negative’ but these brutally honest sayings can help you maintain your resolutions practical and your perspective sensible.

7 Brutally Honest Demotivational Quotes That are Funny Yet Practical

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Dreams are beautiful. Everyone should dream and aspire. But does it help in running from the problems you face in your everyday life? No. Sleep.. Dream.. Wake Up.. Aspire.. and feel the life when it hits you hard in your face.

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There would be many who misguide and blind you saying you are awesome, you are a genius and all that stuff. And then there are some brutally honest folks who tell you not to mess with the things that are not designed for you.  Dude, they are not trying to discourage you, they are just telling you to do what you can do, for what you’ve been in this world and to do the things you are perfect at.

In race to do something ‘extraordinary’ you might be missing the skills you have mastered. Welcome scrutiny and do what you are best at!

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Earning big money, fame and fans is not truly an achievement. Those who are with you for money aren’t actually worth keeping in your life. Fame that gleams in your shadow will fade like effervescence when you stop learning and earning more. Fans can find someone better than you.

So next time you brag for your achievements, ask yourself what have you done so far in your life that is irreplaceable!

Brutally Honest Demotivational Quotes, Smile quotes

Many times in your life you might feel that you need to share your pains and your darker side with someone to make the load of your emotions lighter.

Harsh, but true.. nobody cares! You will end up mocking yourself.

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There are many who say – Money cannot buy happiness. Really? Have you seen anyone sad on a roller coaster ride? Have you seen someone crying while bungee jumping? Money can buy happiness. Money cannot buy love?

UAE’s vice president Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has two (confirmed) wives, media mogul Rupert Murdoch is currently with his 4th wife and Donald Trump got Melania.

Ok, there would be many things money cannot buy, but there are countless things that cannot be bought without money.

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They say, if you keep trying and do not waver in what you are doing, one day you will achieve you always wanted. Well, this is sheer wastage of time.

If you are doing something that is not worth doing, you are just missing the opportunities to do something better in your life.

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Do you have many complaints with what you are doing. Stop complaining and ask your real you if you could do better than this.
Close your eyes for a moment.
Now back to kitchen!

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