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All You Need To Know About New Apple iPad Pro 2

The Pro 2 could be coming with a magnet attached to the side of the device that’ll hold the Apple Pencil 2.

Though many of us would be disappointed with the latest release by Apple – simply a 9.7-inch tablet equipped with an A9 processor that would replace the iPad Air 2 in company’s lineup. While the new iPad seems good for those who wanted a cheaper yet faster gadget, pro users seem to be disappointed, for now. But still tech geeks are expecting a 10.5-inch Apple iPad Pro 2 model to be released in second quarter of the year.

The Apple iPad Pro 2 is the season generation iPad Pro. The first generation was device was launched in 2015 and it’s likely the device will be rolling out in April 2017. While the earlier device was rolled with many new and innovative features, rumor is the second generation will be one hell of a device and will be instrumental in blowing your mind away. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming device.

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Apple iPad Pro 2 News and Rumors about Specifications

Before we get into the specifications of the Apple iPad Pro 2, let us discuss about the release date of the device. The iPad Pro was released on September 9, 2015 but according to fresh rumors the iPad Pro 2 will be rolled out in early June instead of September.

Apple iPad Pro 2 Design: Let’s discuss the new iPad Pro 2 that will supposedly look more attractive and appealing than recent devices in the market. Latest rumors suggest that the design would be much similar to Microsoft Surface Pro. The Pro 2 could be coming with a magnet attached to the side of the device that’ll hold the Apple Pencil 2. Bedsides the magnet, it’ll have a clip on the side that’ll stop the pencil from rolling over and falling off. Apart from this, you can use the clip to clip it to your pocket.

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Apple Joins The Race With Samsung For Foldable Phones

Heard of Samsung building the Galaxy X – foldable smartphone? As per speculations Apple had been thinking of building of a foldable TV but giving up on the idea as the tech giant decided to go for a foldable phone instead. We understand why Samsung is building a foldable phone because after the Note 7 fiasco the company needs to build back its image in front of the world and win back its lost sheen. But why is Apple building a foldable device. I suppose the company sees the foldable devices as something that will become popular in future and wants to be pioneer in the field.

Then there’s a possibility that the device will have the bezel-free screen. Edge-to-edge screen is the screen of the future so it’s no surprise that Apple will be bringing out this screen. What it tends to do is make the viewing experience better. Moreover, recent patents have shown that Apple has been fiddling with the idea of a foldable phone because if the fact that tablets and iPhone are becoming bigger and bigger.

Also there are talks of one more exciting feature of the new iPad Pro 2, i.e. the Touch Bar menu bar. It’ll be somewhat like the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro 2016. As of yet we don’t know how exactly is Apple planning to incorporate the bar, that is yet to be seen if they actually do incorporate the bar in the iPad Pro 2. As for now, this all we know about the Apple iPad Pro 2.

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