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iOS 11: What Features To Expect In Apple’s New Operating System

When it comes to the smartphones and other electronic gadgets like tabs and wearables the year 2017 has arrived with some appealing technology advancement that is likely to change the way we live. There are surely much more to come our way as far as the smartphones and other devices are concerned. But, we are yet to come across any big announcement when it comes to the software. Well there is no reward for guessing it right that we are speaking of the Apple iOS 11. The tech enthusiasts across the world are eagerly waiting for the release of Apple’s new operating system iOS 11.

And as we are already into the fourth month of the year 2017, we all are starting to count the number of days left to go before the Worldwide Developers Conference that will be organized by Apple. This is because of the fact that the expectations are high that the latest software from the Cupertino-based tech giant will be announced during that event. It will be held in the month of June. And with less than even a quarter of a year to go before the WWDC, we can start expecting some features that we might see coming in with the Apple iOS 11.

Apple iOS11 Might Send Many Apps To Death Bed

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Before going into the things that will make the consumers and the app developers excited about the new update of the software, let’s check out something that will leave everyone in a spot of bother. And this one particularly comes as a real worrying thing for the app developers. It is believed that the latest software that will be released by Apple will send a number of apps to comma making them completely obsolete. And the number could be up to 2 lacs.

This is a big worrying thing for most of the app developers as if this turns out to be a reality then they will be in real trouble. It was just a few years back during the launch of the Apple iPhone 5 that most of the app developers were somewhat forced to upgrade their respective apps in order to make it compatible with the latest edition of the software. So it remains to be seen how things pan out in the near future when Apple iOS 11 sees the light of the day officially in the month of June during Apple’s annual event Worldwide Developers Conference.

Now as we shift our focus to another update related to the iOS 11, we come to one which states that the new version of the operating system will bring in a really exciting feature. The iMessage is already a popular app among the iPhone users and if we are to believe the latest speculations Apple iOS 11 is going to bring in iMessage screenshot alert. This is definitely one feature that no iPhone user has any experience of.

So it will be really intriguing to find out how things eventually turn with the launch of the latest software. So besides the popular things that are set to come in with the Apple iOS 11, it will be somewhat interesting to keep an eye on this feature of the operating system.

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