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October 1, 2017

How right sitting posture reduces Back Pain – The Healing Begins

Sitting in a wrong posture on an office chair for prolonged intervals of time can undoubtedly trigger back pain or worsen an existing problem related to back and spine. The primary reason behind this is that sitting in a wrong posture, in an office chair increases stress within the back, shoulders, arms, and legs, and particularly, can add massive strain to the back muscular tissues and spinal discs.

A lot of people suffering with severe backache resort on painkillers and physiotherapy rather than focusing on how to improve sitting posture in office chair!

A correct sitting posture on [...]

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August 27, 2017

The Best workout for an Apple-Shaped Body

The best way to get the body you want? Embrace the one you have. Being apple-shaped or pear-shaped, is a matter of hereditary trait, just like your hair color, skin color, or eye color. Right, just like these examples, it is not easy to get riddance of your genetic attributes, but being a little tricky you can easily manipulate the ‘things’.

“I have flat butt and apple shape body. That is my upper body portion is more noticeable than the lower one. What should I do to balance my body and have a bigger, rounder butt?” A lady in her mid-30s asks this question on Quora. Sometimes, I wonder who the hell on the [...]

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August 27, 2017

5 early symptoms of vaginal infection which no girl should ignore

Like the well-being of any other part of the body, vaginal health is crucial to a woman’s overall well-being. An unhealthy vagina can affect your fertility and libido. Minor vaginal infection, if not treated timely, present threat of worsening into complex health issues. Prolonged vaginal distress can ruin your relationship, lower your confidence and induce stress.

There are many misconceptions about what you should do to maintain vaginal health. A healthy vagina is actually acidic and contains rich amounts of gainful bacteria that assist fight with the infections and keep up a typical pH level.

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August 27, 2017

Try these sensual Yoga poses to boost your libido naturally

Yoga is one of the best mind-body experiences you can give yourself. But did you know it lets us better connect with ourselves and our partner—spiritually, physically, and yes, even sexually. Being flexible, having good stamina and having high esteem have their benefits, that can cultivate a greater sensitivity toward yourself and your partner. So why don’t you try to master easy yoga moves that lend themselves profoundly under the sheets with your beloved!

How does Yoga boosts libido: Yoga tones up your bodies, reduces your stress levels, and increases your energy and self esteem, but it can also help fire up [...]

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