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May 31, 2017

A Call For Change: DSS Grows Trees On Bone Ash Residue After Cremation

For centuries, river Ganges has been revered in India. It is not only regarded highly as Mother Goddess Ganga in Hindu mythology, but has found special significance in almost all the religions. Yet it continues to be in a dilapidated state with it being used as a means of washing away dirty, toxic and chemical waste from factories.

Sewage, dead bodies, animal and human excreta – all find their way into the Ganga, so much so that the word holy in its case has become an oxymoron. No doubt, a number of initiatives have been undertaken to clean the river but all failed to deliver desired results.

There is so much noise [...]

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May 31, 2017

No Backyard – No Problem – Follow these Genius Gardening Ideas

In this fast paced world, human being himself has turned into a machine. With ever-changing lifestyle and ever-evolving technology the human being has no time for himself. How many of us have time to ponder on soil, plants, to enjoy the beauty of sunrise and take advantage of glorious gifts presented by mother nature like fresh and pollution free mornings, even if they get up early? A little time you invest in gardening can bring you closer to nature, if you feel you are not a good gardener or you do not have enough time and space for gardening, this brief guide for beginner gardeners can help them to grow beautiful flowers, plants and herbs in indoor [...]

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April 21, 2017

Wake Up Call – Listen to Mother Nature, Save What Saves You

Have you ever experienced the scorching heat outside your homes at 2.30 noon in summers? You might be having too many complaints about rising temperature and pollution making it even worse to handle, but have you ever thought who is responsible for all this? It’s none other than you, yourself! It’s the way Mother Earth responds and recoils to what we have done to her? On this World Earth Day, we bring you some alarming facts about the damage we have done to our planet and a list of small things you can do to undo (or at least slow down) this damage.

Why International Mother Earth Day Is Celebrated

International [...]

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January 17, 2017

6 ways to Recycle and Reuse Your Old Gadgets

One of the biggest problems the planet is facing right now is the huge stocks of electronic garbage. Having many precious but useless things around us makes us really feel sick when it comes to how to dispose or recycle gadgets that we bought in big bucks. Waste not, want not, that’s how the old saying goes. With ever-evolving technology getting better day by day, it is likely to get flattened by the idea of buying something new and latest as promised by the advertisements. Soon there’s a pile of unused gadgets lying there in your back room gathering dust. So instead of selling them to your local raddiwala (scrap-dealer), here are some [...]

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